The Political "Scandal Shuffle"...
If there is one thing that is extremely obvious to me, it is that when taxpayers see another shuffle of key politicians, in my opinion, you can be pretty sure it is a "Scandal Shuffle..." and, in my opinion, an attempt to delay the investigation of serious issues by persons who have a duty to act. By constantly "changing jobs", politicians can just say "not my job" as they "move on" and leave duties to act/investigate/prosecute behind!

I can't even begin to list all the "scandal shuffle dancers" that have danced the "political office switcheroo" to avoid investigating and/or addressing what it was their job to address! In my opinion, this is nothing short of another form of breach of public trust.

Perhaps it is time to consider "standard terms" for those in political office so that they are not allowed to "move around like moving targets" when the public starts asking important questions!

For example, we should not allow 3 or 4 changes in the office of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing in just a couple of years. A Minister should really be there for the duration of the term for which s/he was elected.

If there is one thing lacking in politics... by now... taxpayers certainly know it is the complete lack of accountability... and if things are really not working for taxpayers, it is certainly time to examine the options to put an end to these "scandal shuffles".