BUT... Perhaps Only One Of Many Municipalities In Serious Trouble... Across Canada and the US!
Given everything I had uncovered over the more than 4,000 hours spent investigating and documenting issues at municipal,provincial and federal levels, it was my opinion, that most if not all municipalities were most likely facing similar issues... I had turned to so many... and for close to 4 years had only been told... "not my job" so many I felt had a DUTY to act in matters of public safety and/or the health of our municipal, provincial and federal organizations. The software used in our case was in 550+ truss manufacturing centers in North America... and I had seen issues with many major players in the truss industry... and in my opinion, all, including the press, were keeping these issues from the public... issues that impacted the integrity of our structures... and hence... public safety... and with each and every building collapse that made headlines... I could not help but wonder... how long would it take for the government and enforcement bodies to address broken processes in the building industry that clearly needed attention.

I was left with no choice but to do what I could to bring these issues to light... my conscience would not allow the death of even one person as a result of my silence. My pleas for help and for having the issues addressed, in my opinion, only fell on deaf ears! Governments, enforcement bodies and the press spoke of "public safety" in so many matters... but in this issue... liability and money, in my opinion, were clearly more important than lives!

 The February 2007 "Smoking Gun" letter from the Professional Engineers of Ontario stated "many" structures were "Part 9", and that, in my opinion, clearly meant others were "Part 4" (high occupancy)! For our regulators, clearly, in my opinion, Elliot Lake had not been enough! What would it take for lessons to finally be learned?

 It was evident to me that for too many "the process", "law and justice", and "what to do" were not based, in my opinion, on public safety and the prevention of bank (mortgage), insurance (over-valued policies) and securities fraud (mortgage backed securities) but on the prevention of loss in these same institutions... and there is a world of difference between fraud prevention and loss prevention within institutions and within government bodies - especially when the government and its enforcement bodies may themselves be somewhat to blame for this fiasco and through broken processes the very builders of the boat so many now found themselves in!