ROBERT WOODS

Once again, for our family, as pieces of a very nasty puzzle continued to unfold, stress was again increased as now, two massive building scandals collided - with the person of Robert Woods! The person that many knew as the "Bad Engineer" of the Elliot Lake mall collapse - in our case - was one of the "Good Engineers".

When Rowswell and Associates stated they were too busy to help us with "the fix" to our problem due to time constraints for their large projects, we turned to Robert Woods for help with "a fix" to our cathedral ceiling problems.

Mr. Woods told us that the wall had to be re-designed using 2x8s every 16" and that the 10 ft section of windows (most subject to collapse) would require a beam next to it consisting of 3 laminated 2x8s to provide the extra strength needed. Additonal lateral bracing for the wall was also provided as was a tremendous amount of additional bracing for the entire roof structure given our trusses had been designed for "no wind load" by Alpine Systems Chief Engineer and our truss design engineer, Augusto Vertolli who had also given us the wrong truss for this section of our roof (SOMETHING THE COURT REFUSED TO HEAR)!

In our case, the work of Robert Woods had been excellent as he had made our wall and entire roof extremely strong and well braced and although we do not agree with his actions in matters pertaining to the Elliot Lake fiasco, we had no complaints when it came to the quality of his work for our house!
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