If the man who sealed our truss drawings/specifications [except for the truss placement guide - which
in our opinion, should also be sealed by an engineer even if the law does not require it] has "all claims
against him dismissed" [without even one argument heard and/or question asked in what was in my
opinion a "kangaroo court"] in spite of him having given us the wrong truss for a wall and/or roof
section next to a cathedral ceiling - making that wall and/or roof section subject to collapse, the question
must be asked, does this not make the "court" and hence, "the province" party to endangering
the public as this engineer is allowed to "walk" completely and there is NO RECORD whatsoever of an
issue even existing with this engineer in that "public database" the Professional Engineers of Ontario
(PEO) are supposed to maintain for "problem engineers" and/or engineers who have had a judgment
against them - since the PEO has a MANDATE to protect the public?

The Professional Engineers of Ontario have known about my family's matter and my resolve in making
the issues known for quite some time. Yet, the Deputy Registrar for Regulatory Compliance at the PEO
when summonsed to testify by me, claimed "secrecy privileges" and refused to testify. Given that...
did the Professional Engineers of Ontario do ANYTHING to discipline this engineer and/or expose
these issues to the public or did they, like the "kangaroo court", decide to also "dismiss all claims against
him" and let him "walk" also without any discipline whatsoever - an engineer who clearly played a KEY
"voting and technical role" in "setting NATIONAL standards" at the Truss Plate Institute of Canada! One
of the "other engineers" involved in our case was Robert Woods - now known across all of Canada
as the "bad engineer" in the Elliot Lake mall roof collapse that killed two women one hour away from
where I lived - and where my father had once practiced medicine and acted as a coroner on "the north
shore" of Lake Huron. I was in Elliot Lake... the day of the collapse... and the day after that... and the day
after that! I saw the pain of families and felt the pain of residents and still see those images in my head.
All it takes to bring down a steel beam, as any engineer will tell you, is a HAIRLINE fracture (probably
not even visible to the naked eye). I don't agree with what Robert Woods did in altering a report after
it had been sealed... but... should we not also ask... which is worse... that... or affixing a seal to
specifications not properly reviewed in the first place, as in my opinion, happened in our case and then
having a "kangaroo court" for an engineer that influences an entire industry! For society... both are truly
frightening and our "kangaroo court" makes a farce of the Elliot Lake Inquiry and is an afront to taxpayers!