Carefully reading the "warning letter" written in Feb. 2007 by the Professional Engineers of Ontario reveals what can only be signs of much, much larger problems in the truss industry...

For example, the letter states that trusses are "under-designed", that "loads inputted by manufacturers in software" are not represenative... making one ask... why is it that it is the truss manufacturer (non-engineers, guys in the lumber yard and their secretaries, etc.) who are inputting these loads, etc. The comment on "many are Part 9"...well... by definition MOST buildings are Part 9 because there are naturally a lot more "small structures" (i.e., homes) built in a year than large structures that fall under Part 4... so... how many are PART 4 and is the problem as bad for Part 4 structures given the same software is used for Part 4 and Part 9 structures and "guys in the lumber yard and their secretaries" have access to BOTH and are involved in "the design process" of BOTH Part 9 and Part 4 structures even though they are NOT engineers!

In my opinion, a careful reading of this "warning letter" reveals that the problems are numerous... and serious... and the fact that we have so many "pseudo-engineers" in enforcement, in my opinion, only adds further to an already very, very, very ugly situation - a situation where "everyone seems to have just assumed the other person did their job properly"...and the evidence clearly indicates that is absolutely not the case!

Throw in a "kangaroo court" and lack of accountability, lack of documenting of the issues, lack of action on the part of so many (see "the players") and, in my opinion, you truly have a recipe for disaster!