"Not My Job... City of Greater Sudbury Police Chief, Frank Elsner, has yet to respond to a single email I sent him! I did receive a first response from a subordinate saying he thought issues were "civil"...But... Breach of Public Trust is Criminal and the CITY KNEW it had problems and continues to hide this building scandal from residents of its "epicenter"! Other police agencies must wait for City of Greater Sudbury Police (epicenter) to request help with this investigation into other jurisdictions (provincial, federal, etc.).

Thus, until that happens, more homes continue to go up with major structural defects... with enforcement bodies continuing to hide public safety issues from the public. Police Chief Elsner has now decided to accept a job in Victoria, BC. Let us hope he did his job while in Sudbury and began an investigation into these issues!

The following shows a sampling of the numerous emails sent to City of Greater Sudbury Police... including many very incriminating attachments... and as such... for this police department to say "no issue" or "civil", in my opinion is completely unacceptable since breach of public trust, bank, insurance and securities fraud are all criminal offenses! For this police department not to act in these issues (because they would be investigating those paying their paychecks and "their buddies") is in my opinion but another breach of public trust in this municipality!
"Not My Job"... City of Greater Sudbury Police...

Where The Investigation MUST Start Per "Jurisdiction Issues..."
Emails to City of Greater Sudbury Police Chief, Frank Elsner!!!
He Never Replied To Even ONE But Within A Few Months... He Was Looking For And Accepted Another Job!!! Just Coincidence??? Maybe... but, Elsner had been advised I would be running for mayor and that my first email - should I win - would be one requesting several resignations!