About This Site...
I am launching this site as I prepare to run for mayor of City of Greater Sudbury - the epicenter of my family's nightmare. Given my experience with the muncipality, province, and/or federal government, I felt I was left with no choice but to run for office to expose a rather massive public safety issue and building scandal.

In addition to exposing my issues and serving as a site explaining the reason for my political run, this site is created to help homeowners/plaintiffs unite by providing case histories (cases that have already gone through legal system) - online - for the benefit of others experiencing injustice at the hands of municipalities and/or the justice system. This site is fully funded and created SOLELY by me!

For years, those in building code enforcement roles have known of MASSIVE problems in the building industry. Instead of addressing the issues (I gave them 4+ years to do so), problems are allowed to fester - even in matters of public safety - leaving lives of homeowners in physical and/or financial shambles and, in my opinion, placing the liability on the wrong person as those truly responsible for the problems, in my opinion, are allowed to hide from accountability and liability because of a system, that is in my opinion, completely broken from the permit application to trial judgment! Allegations of negligence by engineers who have duties in matters of public safety are dismissed without even having been heard and thus making it such that the engineer's seal means nothing and public databases there to "protect the public" (i.e., maintained by Professional Engineers of Ontario) do not accurately reflect the facts as they pertain to engineers and any claims filed against them! This site is a site to help expose problems in the industry by providing a place for homeowners to refer their cases and have them put online - with case numbers, courts, municipalities involved, etc., in order that homeowners have a base of data to look for precedents, etc. to help them in their quest for justice.

Politicians have plenty of money when it comes to "conventions and/or parties" and "building man made lakes in a country of lakes for G7 meetings". In my opinion, it was time to put the money of taxpayers to taxpayer use by fixing these structures and a very broken system! The funds WASTED by government could go a LONG way in helping to resolve these issues!

I am just starting this website (as of September 20, 2013) and will need some time to add the "Refer Your Story and Files" for posting. I hope to have that in place soon but first, I had to provide "the basics", "the issues", "the players" and so much more. I ask that you be patient in the meantime as there is a great deal of work to be done to get this up and running.

If anyone finds something on my website that needs attention (missing link, etc.), please let me know. Thanks! :o)