Copyright Issues...

Any persons wanting to use any information I have personally provided (meaning they were created by me or were my personal possession such as emails, correspondence, etc.) and/or analysis of the issues provided on this website for purposes of a lawsuit will need to obtain my written permission and pay a fee of $100.00 PER LEGAL DESCRIPTION for a property. For example, if you are a homeowner, and have only ONE property, you need only pay $100.00. If you are a builder (who may be forced by Tarion to fix homes you have constructed), you would need to pay the $100.00 FOR EACH PROPERTY (each legal description. Thus, if you have 10 homes impacted, you would have to pay $100 x 10 or $1,000.00 (most likely a tax deductible expense) to use the information I have provided on this site in a lawsuit. Large industries such as insurance companies, banks, and/or governments and/or enforcement bodies will have to contact me in writing for the use of any of my information in any lawsuit. I need to speak with a good law firm prior to releasing any of my information and/or analysis for use in lawsuits by these parties. I reserve the right to refuse to allow the use and/or sale of my personal documentation and/or analysis of the issues to anyone I feel has been "less than honest" in the handling of these matters and/or the exposing of the issues to the public. Information which is not my own, I provide for education purposes only in matters pertaining to the public safety issues at hand.

For those such as builders who may be facing liability from "enforcement bodies" (and I use that term ever so lightly given the facts of our case), I will have a little "extra" which will also be provided to you free of cost - questions I had prepared for my designer, truss sales rep and engineer which were never allowed to be heard by what was in my opinion a "kangaroo court". I have hundreds. I would also like to provide questions that should be asked of "enforcement bodies"... many of them found within the pages of this website but have not had the chance to put those together yet as a single, concise document... so... those may or may not be provided... it will depend on my time and/or resources available to me.

I have spent thousands of hours investigating the issues and hundreds more preparing this website in addition to the thousands of dollars I have spent on investigation, documentation, what was in my opinion a "kangaroo trial" and on and on and on and as such, a use fee will help me recover some of these costs even though, the greatest costs, for me, remain to be addressed. As such, if there is indeed an investigation into what are in my opinion criminal matters, I will then be looking for a good law firm to represent me for damages suffered as a result of criminal behaviors. Funds will also be used to offset any "backlash lawsuits" from parties who would rather the issues not be known by the public.

Information I provide is NOT intended as legal advice. It is for "information purposes only" and is not meant to replace the help of a qualified attorney. Users of this information are expected to do their own due diligence in matters pertaining to them and the owner of this site assumes no liability whatsoever for failure to exercise due diligence in any matters pertaining to them and/or assumes no liability whatsoever in anything pertaining to these issues and/or their disclosure.