One must ask, was John Gerretsen made Attorney General of Ontario in Oct. 2011 (after Bentley) and thus also overseeing the Information and Privacy Commission and what would and/or would not be released to me via Freedom of Information) in order to "keep an eye" on this scandal - what was in my opinion a scandal with Gerretsen himself, in my opinion at the very center of it ? The public will have to decide that one, but, in my opinion, the placing of John Gerretsen as Attorney General of Ontario was "suspicious" to say the least!

Is it also any wonder that the municipality involved, Sudbury (home of then Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Rick Bartolucci who was also head of Ontario Premier McGuinty's government) would say: "If we want to, we can put the Chief Building Officer in charge of the investigation"...looks like the municipality, in my opinion, was taking its cue from the Provincial government, which also appeared to be putting the very person at the center of this building scandal in charge of "the investigation" and worse... in charge of the information that would be released via the IPC!!! In my opinion, this was a COMPLETE assault and further violation of our most basic rights to due process... and as time went on... stress became almost unbearable for us!!!
Bentley - Was Attorney General I Went To First!!!
City of Greater Sudbury... Chief Administrative Officer -
"We can put Chief Building Officer in charge of investigation if we want to..."
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